The Usual Suspects

We had a little honey, then I bought honey, and he bought honey too. Something about these little guys reminds of a police lineup - maybe it's the guilty-smug looks on their furry plastic faces?


LALA dex press said...

I am starting to feel like Paper Source should start sending me free paper, I talk about them enough! Yes! The customer service people, the woman who helped me with this order was beyond wonderful + put up with me asking over + over, now exactly how much of a green undertone is there in the pool color?
I will not hold you responsible for Domino, as I said, I had been thinking of subscribing, I just needed a push. Same with Ready Made.
Your bears are up to something + I think Mrs. Butterworth is the ringleader!

gracia said...

Quite the sticky, sweet line up.
see you, gracia