Treats and Treasures

The name of Marieke's blog is perfect - she sent me an amazing box of treats and treasures the other day! It all started a few weeks ago when I posted about a tool that I use in my bookbinding - we decided to do a little swap, I would send her the tool and some magazines, and she would send me a surprise. When I opened the box, I was thrilled - Marieke knows all my loves and obsessions. There was a Japanese book on artists workspaces (it's really great - I'll share some images soon), marie claire magazines from France (both incredibly inspiring - I wish I could get things like this in Canada!), a sweet notebook, a lovely bird candle (which I don't want to burn because it's so cute), hand-printed notecards in glassine envelopes and some candies in the most beautiful packaging.

But best of all, Marieke included one of her "hello" prints. I'm going to frame it up very soon and put it in a special place in my house. So, thank you dear Marieke, for your thoughtful and wonderful box of treats and treasures!


Marieke said...

So glad you like it! Did you see the wool beret in the Japanese book? It's so lovely (inspired me to make one of myself). x

LALA dex press said...

Lots of loveliness! + her 'hello" card is so fun. I cannot wait to see photos of the Japanese workspace book, sounds like one that would interest me, most people have sewing ones + since I don't sew...
I have to say I was quite surprized by my boyfriend's dinner, I am the cook 'round here + really did not know he was so talented, he kept it hidden for 11 years. Now that the cat is out of the bag he might have to cook more often. Oh, + he enjoyed your comment.
Thank you.