Pretty in Pink

If I had a practice of naming my books, which actually isn't a bad idea, I think I'd name this one Andie, after Molly Ringwald's character in "Pretty in Pink." I'll admit, it's pretty sad that I know the names of the characters in that movie, but I am a true child of the 80's.

There is something in the combination of pink and red in this book that reminds me of the movie, and of Molly. Maybe I am thinking of the tragic pink prom dress she wore (no wonder Blaine didn't ask her - yikes!) in combination with her red hair?

Although I loved this movie as a "tween", I don't think that I ever thought this dress was cool. In fact, as I've mentioned in previous posts, my colour sense is pretty boring in the everyday. I'm a basic black kind of girl. However, when it comes to my books and artwork, I love colour. The more loud and garish the combination, the better. Take a peek inside this album - the pages are a colour called strawberry. Red, pink and strawberry...I think that Andie (and Duckie!) would approve.


LALA dex press said...

That is not sad at all...I recently watched this movie for the first time since Jr. High(?) + fell in love with Blane all over again (maybe that makes me sad). Yah, that dress was U-G-L-Y, but I thought Annie Potts clothes were rad!
My friend just e-mailed me a link to another paper shop suggesting it might become a new addiction, she's awful like that.
Looking good!

mishka said...

The book is fabulous! I have really become fond of the pink/red colour combination. Incredible work, you!

(is it really sad that I liked the prom dress she made? maybe it's not so much the final dress, but her awesome reconstructing process. meh. maybe i just have bad taste)

Veronica TM said...

The book looks wonderful! That dress however...But I have to admit that I watched that movie and I really liked it at that time.

Sara said...

Oh, I love, love, love this book! Pink and red are such a wonderful color combination. "Pretty in Pink" is still one of my all-time favorite movies... I saw it 3 times in the theater and have watched it many times since!