Cool Japanese Links

I thought I'd share some links from the lovely Japanese book that Marieke sent me (ISBN 4-07-250056-9). I know that I should turn them into hyperlinks, but I've been working on this post for two days, and the internet keeps cutting out, or my computer crashes, or I just get too darn tired - so I hope you don't mind cutting and pasting into your address bar. Here they are - enjoy!

http://www.anano.net - the cutest stuffed bears ever!
http://www.shirokumasha.com - furniture and zakka
http://www.tupera-tupera.com/ - illustrators, a bit like eric carle
http://www.le-duvet-doux.com - lovely muted zakka
http://blog.livedoor.jp/liecot/ - chewi-choak blog - I like this blog, although I can't understand a word, and it's got links to some great bookbinding books on amazon japan.
http://www.colobockle.jp/index.html - another great illustrator
http://www21.ocn.ne.jp/~jellyfis/ - kyoko kurabe - prints and handmade books
http://www.bonboog.com/ - cute stationery and home products
http://www.2dimanche.com/ - wonderful Japanese books on French and European style
http://www.l-musee.com/ - beautiful buttons and beads
http://www.monmagasin.net/ - wonderful French inspired Japanese shop. A picture of their interior is below - I can imagine spending some quality time (and serious yen!) there.


Anonymous said...

Oh great! Will visit them this weekend. Nothing better than some fresh Japanese links! :-) - Marieke

LALA dex press said...

You know that I am drooling over that print studio. And yes, links can be a pain in the rear with 2 windows open, Googling in 1 + Blogger-ing in the 2nd. Thanks for the ISBN #, I'll have to track that book down.
I hope all is progressing well with your TO DO list!

mishka said...

thanks for taking the time to post all those links! When I get all caught up with my blog-reading, I'll take a peak :) Hope you're doing well!