Missing in Action

That title pretty much sums up my last week - unintentionally missing from my blog - but definitely in action!

As usual, I've been slogging away on my books. I've still got a few weeks to go until my show, and I have no idea what to expect in terms of numbers, etc, so I'm just trying to make as much as I can! I am getting a little burned out, and feel like I need to step back a bit and get some perspective. I just have to remember that whatever happens at the show, it's not the end of the world. If I don't sell anything - I will just have more stock for my other clients. If I sell out early, I will just take orders and spend lots of time looking at other booths and chatting with people. If I look at it this way, it's really a win/win situation.

In other news, my mom, grandmother and auntie visited for a couple of days last week, which was nice, but crazy busy. It was my grandmother's birthday, and she and I went off to see Randy Travis. Not my favorite musician, but my grandmother is my favourite person and I'll do just about anything for her, including spending a few hours in an auditorium full of senior citizens listening to twangy country music.

And now, it's the weekend again! More book making, but hopefully, also some relaxing, eating, drinking and movie watching. TTFN!

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LALA dex press said...

Hello! Well I have gotten through my first show, did not sell out (did not expect to) + the good thing is that it's less that I have to do during the next couple weeks before the next big show. One must always look for the positive! I am taking a bit of a breather for a couple days, maybe tidying up the studio, but NO BOOKMAKING! I took lost of photos + will probably post tonight. I hope you are doing well!