Long Weekend

It's a been a long weekend here in Canada, and I've been under a self imposed house arrest, trying to get lots of work done for the craft show. It was a bit unfortunate really, since it was a very beautiful and gorgeous weekend. I did sneak out this morning for a brief break, and walked down to Tim Hortons for tea and a muffin. Tim Hortons is a bit of a Canadian institution, especially here in the Maritimes, it's fast food type coffee and donuts kind of place and I wouldn't normally go there to sit and read the papers - but I have to say that it was nice this morning. It was the only place open on the holiday, so there were lots of people there and it had a bit of a community feeling. If only they had some decent cappucino, maybe I would go there more often.

I did getlots of work done this weekend, but I'm feeling exhausted and suffering from a bit of cabin fever. We were meant to go out to a movie tonight, but I think we are both feeling a bit tired, and after dinner, we may just curl up in front of the telly. "Dexter" is on tonight, so that would be good to watch. I am still not sure if I totally like this show, I mean, I like it - but I just wish that Dexter was not a serial killer. But then, there goes the plot. Best go and get the dinner together. The picture above is a flower I saw on my walk down the street today.


LALA dex press said...

In my self imposed house arrest I find myself opening every window in the house trying to let the beautiful fall air in. The dog sits on his perch + we watch all the people enjoying being outside (boo-hoo for me). BUT...I am being very productive with my "NO DISTRACTIONS" policy.
Beta will have to wait a bit, no patientce for figuring out something new right now.

ellia said...

i hope all is well with your makings of your goodies... and hope you had a swell thxgiving!