I didn't have a very productive weekend. These are pretty much the fruits of my labour - three chunky little photo albums. Although I quite like their chunkiness, I was hoping to finish a bit more work. Still, my weekend was productive in other ways - we went out on Friday night and saw "The Prestige" which I really enjoyed. Slept in on both Saturday and Sunday...ate some yummy pizza...got a new winter hat. So, I guess the weekend was not a total loss.


Veronica said...

I love the chunkiness too! Your weekend sounds good! thanks for the movie recommendation.

LALA dex press said...

Yes! Photo albums must always be chunky or else they are flutter books once filled. I love the sneek peek!
I really need to get to the movies more often, I just find it more convenient to watch them on DVD. trying to make it on Sunday as a break from my “house arrest.”