Cherry Blossoms

Preparing for this show reminds me of being back at school - it seemed as though I couldn't really get down to work and get inspired until the pressure was really on. I was the type of student who was frantically writing essays the night before they were due, or "cramming" for exams. This last weekend, which was a 4 day weekend (!), has now come to an end, and I feel as though I accomplished so much. I got quite a few books finished, and also did some fun things. One fun thing was this cherry blossom tree. I love making these things - they're so simple, yet (I think) so lovely. I got the idea from Martha Stewart Weddings. Here's a close-up -
The materials are all really simple, and mostly came from my local dollar store, and from my backyard. I'm still planning to make these a bit more wintry, with some glitter and fake snow. I wish that I could make fake cherry blossom bushes all day, but right now, it's back to work on some books.


Shona said...

Is the show this weekend? Good luck to you if it is, if not, well...good lack to you anyway. I REALLY cannot wait to see photos of your booth, it's all very exiting.
Hey, you must have been my (non) study partner, I was the same with courses + of course, the printer would fail when I would have to print out my report the day it was due.
As for the book I found, Gwen Frostc is from Minnesota, a neighbor to Canada, so I am certain that there are many animal + nature similarities that make you think of home.

Marieke said...

Oh wow, it's great! And I see a familiar bird, too! His sister is standing at my desk...