Long Weekend

I am having an extra long weekend - today is my work "flex day" and tomorrow is Rememberance day here in Canada, so we get Monday off in lieu. It's a good thing, because I really need it. I've still got so much to do for my show, and time is running out. After I finish this post, I plan to lock myself in the studio for the weekend, and emerge feeling well prepared and ready, well - I guess I could settle for a little less frantic.

I'm hoping to do some fun things too though. Perhaps see a movie, get some dinner, get outside while the weather is still kind of bearable. I've been wondering if I should take a blog break, both reading and posting, to get everything done, but I've decided that it's times like these that I really need to blog. Reading all your lovely comments keeps me going, and reading all your wonderful blogs keeps me inspired. So, thanks for your comments and for sharing all your beautiful work. Now, time for some work of my own...

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Shona said...

My boy is out of town + I am going back on house arrest (or studio arrest) to prepare for next weekend's show. No rest for the wicked book binder!

As for the post about the blog feed- Yah...this is way too addicting + I could spend the day linking from one blog to another, so I must not try this. Like TV, I try to limit my blog reading.

Have a WONDERFUL productive long weekend.