Scenes from the Studio

Another Saturday spent making books. Crocs are the best footware for this, especially since I haven't cleaned the floor in my studio for ages and there are all sorts of things that can get stuck on your feet in there. Got my tunes next to me too - the soundtrack for the day was Keren Ann, Sufjan Stevens and Bill Bryson co-hosting DNTO on CBC.
Making the covers for a photo album. This is the sticky bit of the operation.
Got distracted and put together my sign for the craft show. Have to get something better than duct tape to secure my branch on there, or that little bird's in big trouble! Every so often, I look up at my lanterns for a happy feeling.
And then it's back to working away (notice giant mess behind me!) into the night...


LALA dex press said...

I love my red Crocs too! It was between yellow + red where I bought mine + I just can't pull off yellow. Whenever someone rudely tells me Crocs are ugly I respond by saying, "I guess you have never tried a pair on."
Let me strike a deal with you- I'll cut your book board (next best thing to picking out the cover paper/ fabric) + you can glue my end papers.
I cannot wait to see photos of your booth, it is going to be like an Oriental dreamland!

ellia said...

ohhh what a perfect picture of you working!!!! love it!!!

missed you!!!