Canadian Home and Country

I am really liking Canadian Home and Country these days. I normally buy it from time to time, but last month it caught my eye with it's redesign (including the groovy new typeface, above) and the stories were great as well - the homes felt real and inspirational. This month is great too - I love every single home featured, and there is a shopping story on the Brooklyn Flea - which looks amazing. I see a subscription in my future...


sherrieg said...

I love this magazine, and bought a subscription awhile ago. I love that it's Canadian, and I think the new design is great, too! Hopefully that latest issue will arrive in today's mail! :)

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I love the unexpected mix of styles, such as the Eames chairs and country table.
Did you find a N. American source for the wallpaper? It's SOOOOOOO you!

Nancy LeB said...

hate to say it but April is the last issue - yup another magazine bites the dust - from their website
Please be advised that Canadian Home & Country will discontinue publication after the April 2009 issue.
The publisher will be in touch with you, with further details about your subscription.

And, please note that our website, www.canadianhomeandcountry.com, will continue to be updated with the same great content you've come to expect from Canadian Home & Country.

It has been our pleasure creating the magazine for you, and we thank you for your support and understanding.

--- Nancy LeB in Bridgewater

sherrieg said...


Rascallion said...

I just got my copy of CHC and have already read it cover to cover! That is so disappoining that it's days are numbered. :(

I can't wait til June to hit the flea market in Brooklyn when I go to NYC.


Ron Bonnell said...

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