Did you know that Gwyneth Paltrow is a blogger? I read in the Globe and Mail this morning that she publishes a weekly newsletter called GOOP, all about her life, fashion, art, clothing, etc. I googled it, prepared to scoff - but I actually really like it. My favorite bit is where she talks about her "uniform" - the clothes she wears everyday. Nevermind that I have a good 40 pounds and 10 sizes up on Ms. Paltrow - I love her uniform! These are the type of clothes that I like to wear. I actually have an outfit very similar to the one above, but the jeans are from Suzy Shier and the jacket is Joe Fresh. To her credit though, she does mix expensive designer clothing with cheaper items from Uniqlo and Topshop.

The article in the Globe and Mail also talked about a rival newsletter started by Canadian MTV host Dan Levy (he is famous for hosting "the Hills" aftershow - I must be really old, because I don't get "the Hills" at all. What is that show all about - can someone fill me in? Is it real, fake, why should we care? Sorry to digress...) called DOOP, which he describes as "Goop's less-rich, super-cool, uber-hip, totally selfish little brother!" It's also a fun read.

Maybe I should start calling this blog "TOOP"....

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Hello Pineapples! said...

I wish I could explain The Hills, but I'm at a loss. Having said this, I have been known to watch it. The people on The Hills say it's all real, but I can't be sure. I just sit back and enjoy pretty people living pretty lives.

What really got me was The After Show. I assume The After Show was MTV Canada needing CanCon and ending up with a hit. It can be really snarky about the show, which I love, and never takes itself or The Hills too seriously.