love, me

My books and cards are now available at love, me boutique - right here in Halifax. It's a gorgeous shop - owner Chara Kingston stocks only handmade products by Canadian designers, and I am very happy to be among them. The next time I go in, I will take along my camera - the styling of the shop is so sweet - it's set up just like an apartment - very homey and welcoming. And, of course, I managed to buy something there - some cute little lucky cat pins by Cathy Peng. It took all my will not to embark on a shopping spree! If you are ever visiting Halifax, make sure to check out love, me.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

job? you don't need no stinkin' job.

but i have to tell you, when i first clicked on today's post i thought you were getting deperate + pleading with us to love you.

congratulations, again!

Austen said...

Oh geez, that shop sounds so nice. Congratulations! I'm adding it to my list of must-sees for the next time I'm in town. Have a great weekend!