Hand Carved Rubber Stamps

I got some Japanese craft books a couple of weeks ago, and unfortunately, have not had much time to attempt the projects in them. However, I did do a couple of hand carved rubber stamps. I used the speedy cut block, which is a bit too speedy! It's much easy to cut than the lino that I'm used to, and I ended up cutting out some of the details. The mouth on my little girl is missing! But, I still think that she's kinda cute.
The other stamp I did is a little flower. I really like the rough, handmade quality of these stamps. I took these images from my craft book, but I would like to convert some of my own drawings to stamp form. I just need lots more time!

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ellia said...

ohhhhhhhhhh your lil girl is soooooo cute!!! and i had to chuckle at your mishap on the mouth.... well, i think i laughed harder than a chuckle! only cuz it sounds like something i'd do... hee hee! i wanna carve stamps too! i see a slew of people now doing it... i wanna make huge gigantic ones though... :) very very cute!!! maybe one day when i make my own, we could swap styles! i'd love to have one of yours :D