Is it Easter Sunday, or Easter Bunday?

I made the hot cross buns that I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago. They didn't really turn out very well. I mean, they were tasty, but they were a bit heavy. I think that the milk was too hot, and it killed all my yeast, so the buns were not light and airy, as intended, but like little round river stones with the addition of raisins and mixed peel. I ate two, with lots of butter, but regretted it almost immediately. I lugged them around in my tummy all day. I felt like making them all over again from the start, but don't have enough time. The dough needs to rest overnight, and then rise for an hour and a half the next morning. I don't think my office would be too understanding if I called in late because my buns were rising. Actually, that sounds pretty rude.

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ellia said...

hahahhahaha... u called in late, seriously?! that is a funny one!!! how do hot cross buns taste? i never even seen them around... just sang the song and learned how to play it on the recorder (like the flute but made in plastic)