Six Things

I've been tagged by Mishka to list "six unusual or little known things about myself"...this is a tough one, I'm pretty boring and, well, pretty much an open book, so I'm just going to list things that people reading my blog might not know. Here goes...don't go expecting any exciting revelations!

One - I've travelled quite a bit, and spent about 7 years living in Sydney, Australia with my Aussie husband. We came to live in Nova Scotia (where I'm from) about three years ago to be close to my family for a while, and to live in smaller, quieter city.

Two - I have some Aboriginal heritage. Not much, but I'm probably about 1/8 Mi'kmaq Indian, from my Dad's side. I just found out about this recently, and I would really like to learn more about this part of my family's heritage.

Three - Another family history thing - my grandmother (also on my Dad's side) was a war bride from England. She came from a large, and eccentric, family with 8 siblings. Her father was a University Professor and wrote children's books - those boy's adventure story kind of things. One of her brothers was a famous actor/comedian during WWII and another was a WWII smuggler! They both wrote books about their adventures. My grandmother distinguished herself by being a really wonderful person who loved to drink wine (guess who I take after)and having a very unusual name - Arowhena. I just looked up her name online, and it is a place in New Zealand (where her mother was from) and also the name of a character in a book by Samuel Butler. So, this exercise is very good, I am learning things!

Four - I'm not at all religious, I wouldn't even classify myself as spiritual, but I do beleive in the idea of Karma. So, I try to be good and understanding, but sometimes it's very hard!

Five - I love the colour red. I especially love to see red and pink together. My favorite shoes are red.

Six - At this very moment, Martin is baking a batch of Dr. Oetker's organic chocolate chip cookies. Gotta go and get them while they're hot!

I think that I will tag...Ellia!


mishka said...

hey Trudi - I'm so happy you posted so quickly... and I think I really only knew 1 of those things: the one about Martin making cookies ;)

I usually dislike these "about me" things, though I've participated in a few of them - but this one is fun. I love hearing these random things about people, and, as you've mentioned, it can be a very good exercise for the writer.

ellia said...

haha! oh neat! you have an AWESOME FAMILY HISTORY!!!!! wow!!!! can you get your hands on the kid books? i mean, do you know the name of the author? did you say and i missed it?! haha