My Neighbor Totoro

I did a workshop on bookkeeping for small business tonight. It was good, but very overwhelming - I'm a bit stressed about doing the wrong thing in terms of tax, etc, getting in trouble and going to jail. I was on google images searching for a photo that could relate how I was feeling. I looked for "headache" and the image that you see here popped up. Immediately, my headaches were gone - how could you see this and not laugh? It's "My Neighbor Totoro" a Japanese children's book and film by Hayao Miyazaki. I have seen his film, "Spirited Away" which I loved, and now I am thinking that I need to see more, like his classic "Princess Mononoke" or some recent films like "The Cat Returns" or "Howl's Moving Castle." I loved the way that "Spirited Away" created a fantasy world, so unlike ours, where both good and bad things happen. Still, I am not sure how bad things could happen with someone like Totoro around.

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ellia said...

hahahhahaa awwwww!!! i am sorry you had a headache! but i am glad you are getting better... i always freak out about taxes too! when i had a biz name, i was always stressing... but i heard canada was rough... audit on the spur of the moment?! anyhow, that is cool that u did a seminar!!

get rest and have a swell night!!

i didnt like princess m that much... mainly cuz i wasn't that into that style before... i am a batman/justice league gal... but i love avatar!!! so maybe i can rewatch it!!!! isnt there a third movie that just came out?! the graphics look awesome!!!