Now I am unstoppable...

Ahhh Haaaa Haaaa (insert sounds of evil laughter here). I've got my computer pretty much up and running! I just finished installing my printer, and camera software. It's pretty empowering, considering that I'm so technically illiterate, but I guess that things are pretty user friendly nowadays, so maybe I shouldn't be so proud of myself. My new computer has the Intel Centrino Duo, which is supposed to be great for multitasking, which is what I am doing right now. I am listening to Pandora - which I absolutely love! It's a website that helps you find new and interesting music. You just type in the name of an artist or song that you like, and it finds songs/artists that are similar. While I don't agree with some of it's selections, it's pretty fun, and a great way to find new music. At the same time, I am printing off a recipe for Hot Cross Buns from Chocolate & Zucchini. They seem a little challenging - you have to start them the day before and bake them the next morning - but since they are Martin's favorite, and we aren't doing anything else Easterish, I will give them a go. And of course, I am writing this blog post as well. Next up, world domination...(insert sounds of evil laughter again - this time even more diabolical!)

In other news, we're having a good Easter long weekend. Spent all day yesterday making and packaging books for an order, which we took into Henhouse this morning. A picture of the display in their shop is above. Love the painting of Koi in the background - I will have to ask them who the artist is the next time I visit. I am so pleased, the books are going really well in the shop, and the owners are so nice. This is a close-up picture of an Origami book that forms part of the display. There are photos of our trip to Newfoundland last year in it, and people keep telling my husband that they've seen him in the shop! Kind of embarrasing, but I didn't know what other photos to include!

After Henhouse, we went to the used bookshop - John W. Doull. It's really fun looking around there. There are just piles of books everywhere - so when you find something, you really feel like you've done something great! I am so surprised that they got it together enough to get a website - I don't think that the owners even know everything that's in there, but they do have a sign asking not to touch the piles of books lying all over the place, as there is some kind of order to them. These images will give you some idea of the mayhem that is JWD! I did manage to find one book though, "The Known World" by Edward P. Jones. I've thought about buying it a few times, so since it was at the used shop cheap, I thought that I'd give it a read. It won the Pulitzer Prize, so I guess it must be alright.
I'd best be off, as I am wasting precious daylight hours on this rambling blog post. I guess I really am becoming a true techie!

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ellia said...

ohhhhh myyyyyyyyy.... the books!!!! we have a ton of bookstores like that here too!!! and its sooo much fun browsing... ever get the itchies?! or the sneezies from all the old dust?! wouldn't you love to have a secret tunnel in your house that lead to your very own library filled with this many books?! instead of a secret garden, it'd be a secret library... shoulda been an architect- haha!!!