I'm off to the Tree Sculpture Capital of Nova Scotia!

I'm driving off to Truro this weekend. It's a little town where my Mom and Grandmother live, about an hour from here. I'm going to up there to take a computer workshop on "Building Web Pages for Artists." Martin seems to think that will mainly entail the instructor asking us how the HTML code makes us "feel", but I'm hoping to get a bit more out of it than that!

Anyhow, Truro is a funny little place. It's mainly a farming town, and it's really small. A few years ago, a bunch of the beautiful old trees there contracted some kind of horrible disease, and were carved up into sculptures. It's kind of a good idea, but as you can see in the picture above, some of them are just plain scary looking! As you drive into town, there is a big sign proclaiming Truro as the "Tree Sculpture Capital of Nova Scotia" not the world, not Canada, just Nova Scotia. Makes me wonder what other tree sculpture towns are lurking out there....


ellia said...

that is a smart idea what they did about the trees! i bet its beautiful! hope you learn lots and have a swell and safe time!

(sorry i havent emailed ya yet.... soon!)

mishka said...

have a great weekend, Trudi. If this reaches you in time, please give your mother my love!