Fashion Bargains

Went grocery shopping tonight, and stopped by at the local Winners store, which is right next door - it's like they've set a trap for me, and I fall into it every time! Anyhow, I got this cute little summer top for only ten bucks. I really like the colour, which is something that Bridget Jones' mom would call "slurry", but I prefer to call it "violet mushroom." I plan to wear it to work tomorrow with a comfy skirt, and another recent fashion bargain - these "gladiator" type sandals that I picked up (again for a mere tenner!) at the Sears Bargain Basement. The photo's a bit blurry, but they really are cute. Living here in Halifax makes you creative about clothing. There is not much in terms of affordable choice in the boutiques around, and the big chain stores can get really boring. So, I end up at lots of thrift and second hand stores, and kind of weird places like the Sears Bargain Basement, where I never would have thought of shopping when I was living in a big city. But, I kind of like seeking out little stores and getting different clothes, it's really fun. Still, I wouldn't complain if a big H&M moved in next door!


mishka said...

great finds! The shoes are incredible, like fancier strappy espadrilles. I love the laces so much.

I think you're fortunate to have easy access to places like Winners and the Sears Bargain Basement. We only got a Winners in the middle of the city recentlt, and the thrift stores aren't usually as big as they are in the suburbs. And thrift stores get picked over quickly by young creatives putting together imaginative outfits.

I think you should post a Wardrobe_Remix type photo of you in your new goodies. At least on Flickr.

Veronica TM said...

What great finds! Those shoes are amazing.