Welcome Back, Old Friend

My grandmother stayed with us over the weekend and helped out with the yard sale we had. Well, she helped if sitting on the porch and making comments about everyone who visited is helping. Anyhow, when we took her home, she decided to give me tonnes of stuff for a future yard sale that she thinks we should have in precisely three weeks. Don't ask. Some of the stuff is great, an old sewing machine, a pocket watch, a couple of old cameras (I will post photos of all soon)- I could not bear to part with any of this stuff, especially not at a yard sale! Finally, she pulled this little fellow out of the box. At first, I didn't remember him, but my nan insisted that he used to be mine, and then a few fuzzy memories came back - when he lost his nice eye and we had to replace it with a pretty ordinary button, him sitting on my bed, me carrying him around. And, he's so freakin' cute - I can't stand it! He was made by my great grandmother, who made many, many soft toys for me. She was a bit of an expert - she had 13 children, and as a result had many grandchildren and great grandchildren. She made soft toys for us all, and donated any leftovers to charity. I still have a lot of the other things that she made. I can't believe that I forgot this little guy, definitely not yard sale material!


Marieke said...

That is great - a handmade stuffed toy by your grandmother. I wish we had yard sales over here. We can just sell our stuff on Queens day.

Veronica TM said...

He is soooo cute! How nice that you have him back!

gracia said...

No, he is definitely not yard sale material... too worn & well loved.
cheers, gracia