Yard Sale

We had a gorgeous, warm and dry weekend, so I finally got to have my yard sale. I can't say that we made a ton of money, but we had fun, and after living here for two years, we finally got to meet a lot of the neighbors. Also, we got rid of a bit of clutter. There is still loads more, but we got rid of a bit. Everyone liked my hand lettered signs, but some people didn't get my jokes. That's understandable though, as they are pretty corny. We had an Ikea shower curtain, and the tag read "All the way from Sweden!" and this sweet little old lady just said, "Well, imagine that!" She was actually impressed. The old golf clubs didn't go though. I think that Martin was secretly happy about it.

I'd better go and make dinner. I am trying a tomato, brie and basil pasta recipe that I found online. We have hardly anything in the fridge, but I can manage this with what we have on hand. Life is fully of happy accidents.

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Marieke said...

I think it's funny! :-)