Rumour Has It

Oh the lengths I will go to get a glimpse of Mark Ruffalo! In an effort to relieve my rainy day induced blahs, I decided to watch "Rumour Has It" starring Mark Ruffalo. Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Costner and Shirley MacLean were in the movie as well. I didn't have very high expectations for this movie, and it didn't even live up to those. I didn't even really get a decent perv at Ruffalo, the movie was set in the 90's, and his "period" costume seemed to involve greased down hair (the photo above is an exception - wow!). They didn't really go all the way with the mid-90's theme - where were the Doc Martens, the plaid shirts? Jennifer Aniston wore ripped jeans once, but that was about it. In short, not recommended. Looking forward to some future Ruffalo pics, especially Zodiac - that looks pretty cool, and it also stars Jake Gyllenhall - a double whammy! In other movie star news, I saw James Brolin at work today. A few movies are being shot in Halifax right now, and the campus of the University where I work is sometimes used as a set. I wish I had a photo, they had done up the front steps of the building that I work in like a big American political rally. We are having a local election here tomorrow, and some people were getting pretty confused! I got quite a close look at Brolin, he was standing right outside a co-worker's window having his photo taken. A lot of the older women I work with were quite impressed, but all I can say is, well, he's very...tanned.

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Marieke said...

He is not that officer in Jackie Brown, is he? I liked that - also very tanned - actor.