Beautiful Baubles

I received a wonderful package in the mail recently from my friend Mishka. She made me a necklace using some beads that my mom had bought for me ages ago, added beads and findings of her own, along with her amazing style, and created this beautiful piece. I really love it - it's beautifully chunky, yet somehow light. This picture doesn't do it justice - if you want to see more of Mishka's work, check out her blog or her etsy shop - Threaded Glass. Thanks Mishka!
I am just about to hunker down for the evening with a glass of wine and the latest issues of Martha Stewart Living and Marie Claire Idees. The movie Proof is on TV, and it promises to be a very enjoyable evening. Farewell!


Austen G. said...

Lovely jewellery! I love pieces like that, ones with good stories behind them and the contributions of friends and loved ones...makes them more than adornment, somehow.

Thanks for the tip on the little birds...I found some today (a bit of a harrowing experience, the Dollarama at the HSC, but there we are, anyway) and they're destined for the tree tomorrow.

Have a great week!


Shona said...

New camera or old, it can be frustrating when photos don't do justice to beautiful things.
Sounds like a perfectly enjoyable evening to me!

mishka said...

aw - you're too sweet! But what you didn't mention was how long it took me to get my act together and actually make it! :D I loved putting it together and matching up your jade beads with another colour. So happy you like it!

Marieke said...

It's lovely!