The Sartorialist - Another blog to love

I’ve only got a few “blogs I love” in my sidebar, but I read about a zillion more. One that I’m particularly loving at the moment is “The Sartoralist.” It’s a blog all about fashion, with snaps taken on the streets of NYC. I love the way the author includes a number of looks and styles, but seems to focus on the type of fashion I adore – classic, with a bit of a twist. And black, of course, lots of black. I think the other reason I love the blog is the fact that it’s set in New York. Just looking at it takes me back to my (much too short) time there, and feeds my fantasies of living an artsy, bohemian life in the Big Apple. I would highly recommend that you check it out.


Shona said...

Introducing people to new REALLY COOL blogs is not very nice. I don't use Bloglines, or anything like that, but have a ton I read from "favorites" on my toolbar. Like TV shows I love + watch regularly, (I've just exceeded my self imposed limit of 5 with "30 Rock") I am really trying to limit my blog loves.
When I go to L.A. I buy Japanese fashion mags + love the ones where they have the "show us what is in your purse" section, accosting ultra hip people on the street.

Marieke said...

It's great! A little trip to NY x