Thought I'd share a photo of another pretty bauble I aquired this week. I just love this ring. Even though it probably looks horrible on my squat white fingers and it slightly restricts my movements, I love wearing it. One of the customers at the craft show was wearing one, and I asked her where she got it. When I got out to the shop last week, there was only one left so I snapped it up. When I wear it to work at my office, I feel like one of those wacky secretary characters, like Joan Cusack in "Working Girl" or Annie Potts in "Ghostbusters." I've always loved those wacky secretaries - like me, they go to work in an office everyday, but you know they've got this secret fun life outside of work that their clothing, hair and accessories hint at, but never quite give away.

Well, maybe my life is not quite so secret and fun - I'm busy making another pile of books this weekend - the last little push before Christmas. I got up before the sun this morning to start work- but being Canada in winter, that was not so hard to do. The sun's up now, and it's looking beautiful out there. I'd better get at it so I can go out and enjoy it later. Happy Sunday!


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Great ring! I always loved those wacky secretaries too. (I'm off to find myself a wacky secretary ring too!)

Shona said...

I love big rings. I find that I become more expressive with my hands when I have one on. As a secretary I do find that it is a little difficult to type with one on though, what with the way they restrict your finger movements.

pinkmohair said...

Totally get the wacky secretary reference. The ring is beyond excellent - if anyone tells you otherwise, just punk 'em in the kisser with it!