Christmas Countdown

Number of packages to wrap – about a dozen.
Number of pillar candles glowing in the fireplace – six.
Number of cute pink eggs in my new Christmas tree nest – three.
Number of yummy things left to eat -lots, thank goodness!
Number of good friends back in town for a visit - two - yay!
Number of times that I want to listen to "Linus and Lucy" on the Charlie Brown Christmas album - about a zillion - I just love it! (I might not be saying that after a couple of days though!)
Number of days left at work – just one.
Number of books, projects or other crafty commitments left – zero! I am especially happy about this one. While I get so much satisfaction from my little book business and would be totally lost without it, it’s been a very hectic season for me. I am so looking forward to kicking back, reading, enjoying time with family and maybe even finishing up knitting the shrug I started about a year ago.

We are off in a couple of days to spend the holiday with my Mom and Grandmother in Truro. They live out in the country and don’t have access to high-speed internet. So, I will have a bit of a break from blogging and surfing the internet as well. I’m sure I will miss reading all your blogs and finding out what you’ve been up to, but I think that sometimes you need to get away from technology and just connect with the people around you. Sappy, huh?

Happy holidays to everyone!


mishka said...

Aw - this post made me feel happy and Christmassy :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with Martin and the great women in your life. Please give your mom my love - and enjoy your quiet, technology-free holiday.

Merry Christmas, Trudi and Martin!

Marieke said...

Merry Christmas Trudi! Hope you had a wonderful time xxx

Shona said...

I guess you have returned to the land of technology after your trip. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. AND if I could, I would send the wonderful coffee + warm weather your way, in addition to the brie + cranberry torte we had last night at our friend's dinner party.