I'm participating in the Shim + Sons Vintage Button Swap. I have resisted a lot of cool swaps lately because I don't have the time to shop and put things together, but I couldn't resist this one. I have a load of buttons in my house - the photo above is only a small sample of what I have. I got the buttons through an inheiritance - two older women that my mom knew passed on, and she got their buttons. Then, she gave the buttons to me. I'll say again - there are a lot of buttons. These women were raised in the depression, when everything was saved. If they discarded a worn shirt or jacket, they would cut the buttons off first. I am the lucky beneficiary of this thrift - to the tune of a few big jars and tubs full of buttons. Sometimes, I feel guilty about having all the buttons and not using them for something. But, maybe the best thing is to have a collection and appreciate their utilitarian beauty. At times, I will need one or two buttons for a project, or to replace the horrible button on a thrifted jacket. I love to pour the jars of buttons out on the floor and pick through them, discovering new treasures.

Sorry, I've just gone into this total blabbery stream of conciousness about buttons when I could have just said - "I like buttons - a lot."


Shona said...

I think I would have to organize them (first by color).
I cannot resist (or sleep!) when there are projects like that around.

Veronica TM said...

i like buttons a lot too! and i like the history of yours.

cruststation said...

Yes, organising buttons by colour would help with your project ideas. I love vintage buttons too, thank you for shimandsons' link.

Austen G. said...

I agree with you. The only thing better than buttons...is jars and jars and jars of buttons. I could play with them for hours! Have a happy Easter!