Can't judge a book by it's cover

Penguin books has just released (well, around here anyway) a series of classic books with blank covers that you can decorate yourself. I think it's a great idea - I saw them at the bookstore and was struck with their lovely simplicity when blank. The titles include classics like Crime and Punishment, The Picture of Dorian Grey and The Brothers Grimm. My personal favorite of the lot is Emma, and the cover interpretation by Elisabeth Jobin that I found on the Penguin flickr page. It would be great fun to decorate a book, or to give one to a creative friend to have fun with. Penguin is inviting people to submit their designs to the gallery, which is pretty cool too. I just think it's wonderful that a company known for it's iconic cover designs - remember those great orange ones - is letting us have a go!


Shona said...

I was always fond of "The Picture of Dorian Grey." You could have such fun with this.

Austen G. said...

So much fun! What a great present they'd make. Thanks for sharing this book news. :)

Marieke said...

Would make a great gift too for a friend x