The Postman Only Rang Once

Ok - I'll start this off by saying that I think that is officially the corniest blog post title ever! But, I was quite thrilled to come home on one day last week and find that the postman had indeed rung once, and left many wonderful things.

First - my Print Gocco order! I haven't had a chance to unpack and use my Gocco yet, but I am so looking forward to giving it a go. And, I can't say enough about the speed and professionalism of etsy seller feltcafe, who I bought the gocco from. It took about a week after I placed the order for the Gocco to reach me from Japan, even though I asked for a number of additional supplies that feltcafe proprietor Liz had to go out and buy.

I had also ordered a few books and albums from Amazon, and a part of the order arrived last week. One book that arrived was "Flea Market Style" - something I've been wanting for absolute ages, but for some reason never bought. I'm so happy that I did though - flea market style is really my aesthetic, and the book is so inspirational. It will join my other fave home design books "Found Style" and "Canadian Country Style" on my shelves. I know that I will look through it again and again, and be inspired again and again.

The other book that I ordered was Barbara Gowdy's "Helpless." I have loved previous books by Barbara Gowdy, who explores and normalizes the darker side of human nature in many of her books and stories. I was first drawn to her after reading her book of short stories "we so seldom look on love" featuring stories about necrophilia, transexuality and siamese twins. She has an amazing way of getting inside people and making us understand them. The subject matter of "Helpless" is also confronting - but I am sure that it will make compelling reading.

Finally, but also most wonderfully and surprisingly - I got a package from Shona of lala dex press that included tapes of "Extras" - a show that I love but cannot watch here. I haven't watched them yet, but I am so looking forward to it. Thanks Shona - what a fantastic surprise!


Sabine said...

Sorry, dumb question I guess, but what is a "gokko"?
I started to felt a few days ago, you can see the result now on my blog.

Sabine said...

and you have to watch "Extras", it's hilarious!

Shona said...

I mentioned to Tom that you were going to buy a VCR to watch the tapes + he asked why this was not already worked out, my sending you tapes + you not having a way to watch them. I had to explain to him about "surprise packages" + once again he was shocked by this world I have found where people just do nice things for each other. Goccos sound like so much fun (so many of my friends have one) + I can't wait to see what your produce with yours. Enjoy!

Trudi said...

I've been so obsessed about gocco for so long, I forget that some people might not know about it. It's basically a small size screen printing machine that gives (hopefully) great results. Here's a link - http://www.gocco.com/prod.HTM