Shopping and Swapping

The weather has been miserable here the last couple of days, and so have I. I have had a terrible headache - but it's not all bad - being indoors has let me catch up on my blog reading, internet shopping and completing my vintage button swap package. That's a photo of the package going to Joan of roseandpie - hope she likes what's inside! The little suitcase that the package is sitting on is my husband's old school case from kindergarten. There is a little sticker inside that says "C'mon Aussie." It's very cute. But - I digress - I've finished telling you about the swapping part of my day - now the shopping part.

I'm quite excited to tell you that I've ordered a print gocco (!) from etsy seller felt cafe. As well as goccos and supplies, she sells her own wonderful felt creations and also Japanese craft books. It was all I could do not to order the book on needle felting featuring dogs. So cute! I am planning to make some cards and hope that the gocco will arrive from Japan in time for my holiday in a couple of weeks so that I can have a good play with it.

I also finally ordered a few books on Amazon that I've had my eye on for some time. And, I pre-ordered the new Feist (!) album. I love Feist, and I'm very excited that her new record is coming out. I saw her live last year, and she did a few songs that she was working on - absolutely amazing. I can't say enough about Feist and how much I love her - I think that she is a true artist. The album is released on May 1st - how many sleeps away is that?


mishka said...

your swap package looks beautiful - as always! I can't wait to see what you do with the gocco and how you incorporate the work into your books.

Feist=awesome :) I was hoping to see her at the end of May, but both shows are sold out.

Hope your headache gets better :)

jessica said...

gocco...i don't know this....look forward to you creation.
love felting....have been in hot climate all winter, will resume it again.

Austen G. said...

Yes, hasn't the weather been terrible? It felt exactly like November this morning, rather than April. But your swap package looks beautiful and you must be so excited about the gocco. And Feist! Yes! (There was a great article about her in the New Yorker this week...it always makes me laugh to read their take on awesome indie Canadians!) Hope the weekend helps your headache.

ps...So glad the hot cross buns worked out!

Shona said...

yay for you! sounds like you will have many fun days of checking your mail box. I am seriously needing to step-up my wrapping after seeing yours + a couple other swap pics.
I'm sp glad that the idea of the mullet transcends borders, we would not want to keep all that goodness in the lower 48.