Lessons from a Painter's Studio

I recently picked up Pottery Barn Workspaces on sale at my local bookstore. It's a great book, full of inspiration. There are lots of artistic workspaces, and lots of different furnishings are used - not just things from Pottery Barn. Which is good, because there isn't one within a zillion miles from here. My favorite room in the whole book is in a section titled "Lessons from a Painter's Studio."
It's an amazing, light filled studio which is perfectly furnished and organized. Above is a detail shot of the worktable and all the artist's tools in an "old school" toolbox.

One of my favorite things is this work island in the middle of the studio. There is so much workspace on top, and so much storage underneath. The height is perfect for standing, or sitting on a stool.

This desk would be a great secondary workspace - I love the way that the top is clear so that you could store your supplies and inspiring images below, and have the whole top free for work.

My most favorite thing are these flat files. I dream of having flat files in my studio. I guess the reason that I'm revisiting this book now is that we are finally (!) going to begin work on my new space. Some of the inspiration is coming from this room and this book - and I will have flat paper storage! I really can't wait. Stay tuned for some photos in early - mid May.

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Shona said...

P.B. is excellent with the art direction. When I worked for Williams-Sonoma I always wanted to go to the catalog house, but could never talk them into flying me to San Francisco just to look at the house. Flat files will change your life! much in the same way as a bone folder changed your life. I probably sound greedy, with my 5 drawer unit, but I really want another 5 drawers, mine are packed! I cannot wait to see the transformation + of course, the end result!