Christopher Pratt + Curry Fries = Perfect Saturday

Today, Martin and I decided to take a total break from work. It's been a frenzy of bookmaking and advertising agency stuff around here for the past couple of weeks, so it was most definitely in order! The first thing we did was have a coffee and light breakfast at Uncommon Grounds - latte....yum. Then, we went to the Art Gallery, where I took this photo of the big comb (it's a sculpture in the forecourt, and I'm sure it's not really called the big comb, but that's what I - and it seems everyone else - call it).
The reason we went to the gallery was to see an exhibition by Christopher Pratt, a Newfoundland artist. I wasn't too familiar with his work, but I have to say that I liked it. His paintings are in a hyper-realistic style - lots of straight lines and perfect angles - which isn't something that I've really loved in the past, but something about his paintings made me think about the world, and our place in it. He paints a room with no one in it, or a road with no one on it, so that you can imagine that you are in that room, or looking down that road. When he does paint people, they are doing mundane things, so you could also imagine that you are there with them. It also made me think of our trip to Newfoundland this summer, the beauty of the place, but also the long stretches of barren road and coast. I don't think that I am really conveying the show very well, so I'll just say (in my best Newfoundland accent) that it was "good b'ye, real good." Finally, we did some art supply shopping, then decided to have a beer at the Irish pub, and something called "Ceili Spuds." Turns out that this was a good decision - the spuds were like battered potato wedges, and they had a curry sauce on the side for dipping, so unhealthy, but so yummy. This picture does not do them justice. Boring old people that we are, we are finishing off the day with dinner (not sure what yet) and possibly (I hope)a game of Scrabble.

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