Weekend Report

I'm having a relaxing, semi-quiet but quite good weekend. It started off with Martin and I having dinner at our favorite Halifax restaurant, Janes on the Common. The food there is so yummy, and we have been going there since day one, so we feel comfy there. Also, the service and staff are always wonderful, so it makes it a great night out. I had a halibut special, just for the halibut (geddit - halibut, hell of it, that joke never gets tired!) and Martin had a lovely polenta and lentil dish. Yum. Happy from our wine, we decided to try our luck at the casino, which always ends badly. We walked away less our $20 betting money - high rollers we're not - but it was a fun night out. On Saturday, I bummed around the house most of the morning and did a bit of housework. In the afternoon, I went shopping and made an impulse purchase of this desk. I was really cheap, and we
need something better that what we have to put our computer on. Right now, it's on an old stereo cabinet with the guts taken out of it, and it's murder on the shoulders using it for any length of time. The table I bought is actually a darker stain, but you get the idea. I'm not sure about how it's going to fit into the house with our rustic/retro blend, or what type of chair I'm going to get to go with it, but I am sure that my back will thank me for buying it! Another purchase was the new Cat Power CD - The Greatest. My question is - why didn't anyone tell me about Cat Power before? I love the CD, and her melancholy folky, jazzy style is right up my alley, I think it actually even lives on my street! Anyhow, it's a great CD, and I would highly recommend it. I got home a bit later than planned, so the feast that I was thinking of making has been rescheduled for tonight. Last night, we just had a simple pasta and watched a couple of videos "The Weather Man" (review - just ok) and "Rent" (review - I liked it, but I'm a sucker for a musical!) Today, more puttering, included making some books and trying out carving some little stamps from my Japanese book. They didn't turn out exactly as pictured, but I like 'em. I'll post some photos later.
Well, I am off to begin preparing the feast, in case you're wondering, it's Roasted Portobello Mushrooms, Fennel and Ricotta Risotto, Spinach and Avocado Salad and a Butterscotch Banana Pudding for dessert.


Denise said...

Have you heard any of Ben Harper's new cd, Trudi? That was my purchase of the weekend along with a heap of groceries and some bits of clothing I deemed necessary, but really they were just a want. Back to the cd, it is well done. It's actually a double cd called Both Sides of the Gun. Check it out of you get the chance. Have fun in on your getaway.

Anonymous said...

BOULANGERIE! Thought I'd blog on for the first time, just for the halibut ... and hey, if you're going to tell that joke, I'm going to resurrect "A horse walks into a bar ..." Ooohhh, you make Halifax sound like it's right up my alley and has moved right next door to me; hey, I can see it out my window. Can't wait to move there! I know I keep saying it, but I'll call you guys over the weekend. Love the updates xxxEW

ellia said...

oh so the weather man wasnt that great?! hmmmm, i've been wanting to see it but getting mixed reviews.... and dinner out?! gosh, i miss those days... its not cuz we have diego that we cant go out, moreso funds that the house depletes... but your dinner sounds scrumptious!!!! and the desk?! WOWZIE! how beautiful!!! i miss furniture... that i can put nic nacs on it... but with a climbing kid, i'm afraid for my nic nacs (NOT DIEGO) hahaha... gosh, you sound like you had a peaceful time this past weekend