Found Storage

Ellia made a comment on my post a few days ago about an issue I've thought a lot about - paper storage. As I mentioned in the post, working with paper means that I'm obsessed with it and have a ton of it, and while I'd love to have a fantastic set of paper drawers like those pictured over on Whip-Up by Camilla, I've had to make due with my own "found storage" for the time being. Also, I should probably mention that in some ways, I'm a bit of a cheapskate, but I come by it honestly (thanks mom!) and I love flea markets, antiquing and council clean up days as sources for things for my home. Pictured is an old clothes drying rack from my grandmother's house which provides a nifty hanging place for Japanese paper and ribbon. I can fit quite a lot on there, and I can see everything, which is really important. The suitcases were found at flea markets and garage sales and hold lots of bits and pieces. The smaller ones are the perfect size for A4 cardstocks and papers. They just keep everything looking hidden and tidy, and add give my studio a kind of vintage vibe. My camera's battery went dead before I got to take a photo - but I keep large sheets of paper in clear plastic artist portfolios that I hang up. They keep the paper flat, and I can see what's inside. The system's not perfect, but it does the job, for now and it didn't cost me much. This final photo is completely irrelevant to this post, but I can't resist sharing one of my best bargain finds. This chandelier was on the side of the road on garbage day. I cleaned it up and spraypainted it white. It now hangs proudly in my dining room, and it's mate, also found in the rubbish, hangs in my living room.


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ellia said...

ok, you take some darn good photos!!! how come mine have an unnecessary yellow vintage haze to them?!

the drying rack is a wonderful solution!!! and wow, such a beautiful chandelier! i once got a spikey one from the thrift! now, i am 5ft so it hung low (since i was too short to hang it higher)... one friend stabbed his head pretty bad (but not e.r. bad) on the ends of it... i felt bad but i hadda laugh... so did he though... and my mom and sister who were there... poor guy! my mom has it now... your chandelier looks safe and once again, beautiful! (is it hung high enough?! haha!)

and by shopping at thrifts and flea markets dont make ya a cheapskate.. it makes ya smart!! and a good problem solver ;)

ellia said...

p.s. sorry but that is a good idea about the clear pages! hmmmm, a darn good idea!

Trudi said...

Hey Ellia,

Funny story about the chandelier! I actually think that mine is hung too high, but maybe that's a good thing! Or, maybe it's just good that we're a couple of shorties (hee, hee).

PS - the clear portfolios are actually pretty big - around 35" by 25", but I can imagine it working with 12" by 12" sheets too.