Dining Room Dilemma

I had a conversation with a friend last night who is furnishing a new apartment and wants to buy this dining room table. We ended up having quite a long conversation, in which the word "juxtaposition" was bandied about with impunity! The reason is, I'm not crazy about the table, but he loves it. I know that it's probably made by some fantastic mid-century modern designer, and I'm showing my ignorance right now, but it just doesn't seem conducive to dining to me. The glass and steel materials seem very cold. I had a look around the internet today though, and did see some cool set-ups with tables that were a bit like this one. One was over on the Crate & Barrel site - I have to admit that the Moda table looked pretty cool with the red leather chairs, and not a bit cold. My fave table and chair set up was over on West Elm though - loved the white Parson's table with those hot green chairs! If anything, this post has probably made a choice harder for my friend, but, I have to say that he has impeccable taste and anything he chooses will end up being perfect. Isn't that the number one rule of design - fill your home with things that you love and you can't go wrong? Failing that, I am available to be flown overseas for an in-home consultation.

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ellia said...

ok i LOVE that GREEN table set.... BEEEEEE- YOU-TEE-FULLLL!