Paper, paper, paper!

Thanks to my friend Mishka and to the folks over on the Toronto Craft Alert for help with my question on where to find great paper in Toronto. Your comments and hints are already making my three day intinerary very full with great looking places to visit. The Toronto Craft Alert site is so great! I wish we had something like this in Halifax - there are so many artists and craftspeople here, it would be great to have one central source of information. I've found it quite difficult to locate craftmarkets around the region, it seems to be mainly word of mouth, so having a local site like this would really help people - especially when they are starting out. Hmmm...a Halifax Craft blog....interesting idea....

I thought I'd post another picture of some of my work. Pictured above is my most popular book - I call it the Origami Book. It looks quite ordinary from the front but it opens ingeniously... to reveal many pages. This type of book is also sometimes called the Lotus fold, and you can probalby see why.

Anyhow, thanks again to all the friendly Upper Canadians who've help with my paper search. If anyone is coming out East and needs any information, I would be very glad to assist!

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ellia said...

the book is soooooooo neat!!!!!!!!! wow!!!! i am impressed!!! and these are the ones you sell?! beautiful!!!

sorry i fell behind in checkin' out your blog... i've got a lot to catch up on... beautiful!