Production Line

I've spent the last couple of nights making a big whack of book covers. They are all now happily pressing under weights, getting ready for pages to be added. Making my books for orders involves a bit of a production line - cut covers, cut paper for covers, glue paper to covers, press, glue in pages, press, and so on. Sometimes, I enjoy the production line, I can really lose myself in all that cutting and gluing. Right now though, I am resenting the production line a little bit. Because I am building up my stock of "regular" books, I have little time to work on new ideas. I am really keen to begin producing more photo albums and cards, but the production line is stopping me from doing so! I need more effecient ways to handle my workload, and I am hoping to buy a big professional type rotary cutter to help speed up things a bit.


ellia said...

where do you sell your books?! got picks of them done or did i miss em?! they sound beautiful! so far they look that way too!

Trudi said...

Hi Ellia,
I sell the books in a couple of local shops (links in the sidebar)and at the Farmers Markets in the summer, but don't really have an online presence...yet. I've got some photos of my books in previous posts - not sure if this is the best way to link to them, but here goes - http://happinesstimestwo.blogspot.com/2006/02/hot-off-presses.html