Finally, a craft related post!

Back when I started this blog, I intended it to focus on craft related stuff. What I was working on, my thoughts, etc. What it has become over the past few weeks is pretty much a chronicle of the minutae of my everyday life, and I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. Although craft and creating my little books and other works are a huge part of my life right now, that's not all there is. Sometimes I need a break from my craft work, from even writing about it on my blog. Tonight though, I completed a little present for a friend who just had a baby named Lily. There are two books, kind of a companion set, in my favorite Japanese paper, which just so happens to be very baby girl-y. So, I very much hope that they enjoy these books. And I hope that you do too...


mishka said...

aw, beautiful. Your friend is going to love it.

I got your message about booking the B&B! Yay!

ellia said...

awwww i bet your friend is gonna (or did) love it!!! they are SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! gosh, your books are simply amazing :D and the papers?! in both the above post and this one?! they have me droolin'... haha, gross site... so i should say they have me googlin'?! hahaha!

wow, you got some darn good paper! i just said that i know but seriously, did i ever tell you that i'm a paper addict?! hee hee