Flea Market Porch

Finally - we've pretty much finished decorating our porch! Our summers are so short that we want to get out there and enjoy, and having the porch done will definitely help with that! I decorated the porch using mainly flea market and cheap finds, and although it's not perfect, I think that it's got a nice feel about it. The bench is an old baby crib we got at a junk shop and painted white. We had the seat cushions lying around the house, and I made the pillows using some napkins that I got super cheap at La Cache. I just sewed two together and stuffed a pillow form in. I love their old-fashionedy barkcloth look. And, believe it or not, this thing is super comfy. It's got springs on the bottom and you just kind of sink down into them...sigh.

Another flea market element that I couldn't get a good shot of is a chandelier that I picked up this afternoon for five bucks. It's has electrical wiring and is meant to go inside the house, but I just stuffed candles where the lightbulbs should be and hung it up. It looks pretty cool - but the candles won't stay lit! Maybe I'll just have to use it on very calm days.

I came home after work keen to set this up and sit outside, but by the time everything was put together, it was getting dark and kind of breezy - so I spent a very short time out there with my magazines and ginger ale before going in. But, I am going to make a point of spending a few hours out there this weekend - mint julep anyone?


Veronica TM said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I love the old crib, what a great find!
Enjoy your time in your pretty porch, and I say chin-chin to you with a mint julep in my hand.

Marieke said...

Gorgeous Trudi! As you mention my dedication to my journal, I mention dedication to house restylings... I am jealous!

vintagechica said...

OK, now I have to comment here too...amazingly beautiful porch!