I spent the weekend with my Mom and Nanna in Truro. Had a nice and relaxing time, went to the Farmer's Market and saw all the beautiful piles of summer vegetables, like the carrots above, did some shopping and ate lots of yummy food. Although I love it there, for some reason I never seem to sleep properly while I'm there. So, I'm home now, it's 8pm on Sunday night, and I'm contemplating whether I should walk down to the shops and rent a video or just go to bed and crash with the trashy magazines that I bought today. I think that crashing with the trashy mags is winning out. So, goodnight - I'll let you know how things are going with Tom and Katie tomorrow.


Marieke said...

I love the new banner - the colors are gorgeous!

Veronica TM said...

Yes, I agree with Marieke, love the new banner. Can't wait to hear about Tom and Katie! {just kidding}.

Trudi said...

Thanks for the comments on the new banner! It's a photo of cherry blossoms that I had up on my inspiration board for ages, that I've always liked.