In My Life

After gushing about the In My Life group over on flickr, Ellia invited me to join. I posted my first photos about my day today. A pretty routine Sunday around the house, but I guess that's the whole idea of the group, a little window on everyday life. The photo above is my "afternoon" shot - lounging in the back yard.

Other things happening in my life - I went to the movies the other night and saw "Scoop." I really liked it, just a enjoyable fun movie. It's getting some bad reviews, but I think it's acheiving what it's aiming for, a funny little movie. But, I'm a sucker for corny jokes, and I enjoyed Hugh Jackman's....umm, performance. Yeah, that's right, he's got a really nice performance.


Veronica TM said...

Nice pic, all about relaxing on a Sunday.
I am looking forward to going to the movies again...when we find a babysitter.

mishka said...

I love this shot. What a great way to spend a day... and do I need to comment again on the pretty toes?

I like Hugh Jackman's "performance" as well, but really only as Wolverine. I got a thing.


Apron Thrift Girl said...

I haven't seen Scoop yet but the previews looked so good. I hope it comes to town soon. I find that I enjoy some of the movies the critics disliked most.

Trudi said...

Yeah, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is great. I think he's a pretty amazing actor - someone who can go from being in "Oklahoma" to being in X-men, and do a fantastic job of both, is pretty cool.

And, I love going to the movies. I love movies. Movies and reading are my relaxing things that I get lost in, TV doesn't work - too many commercials. ATG - I agree, the critics aren't always right. And Veronica, hope you find a babysitter and have a fun night out!

vintagechica said...

What a lovely shot! I love your chairs outside...perfect lounging chairs. Cant wait to check out the flickr group.