Friday Night Fever

Had kind of a mixed week - work, mostly bad and totally crazy busy, little crafty business, mostly good. Sold a few books and made a few new contacts. I have even been invited to teach some paper crafting classes. The whole teaching idea intrigues me, even though I'm someone who hates public speaking of any kind. I guess I am just passionate about the things I make, and I want to share that with people. Anyhow, bad and good, the week was exhausting. My house is a shambles around me, but I can't be bothered to clean up. I am sitting here drinking wine out of a mug because all the glasses are in the dishwasher. But, instead of cleaning up, I am going to attempt a pair of booties for a shower I am going to next week from this pattern. I can only hope they turn out as cute as these ones that Veronica made.

So, I am off for a night of wine drinking, trashy tv and bootie sewing. Woo hoo! I am quite the party animal. Oh, and I almost forgot, another good thing this week is some new Japanese paper. I think that the pattern above is exquisite - the nicest one I've found in a long time.


Marieke said...

Teaching a paper class! That is great! You know that I love these Friday nights? ;-)

Veronica TM said...

Thank you so much Trudi! I am sure your booties are going to be so cute! Can't wait to see them. Hope you enjoyed your Friday night.

ellia said...

ohhhh such beautiful paper! and congrats on the growing business! that is always encouraging to hear!! your books are so beatiful!