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Summer is finally here! We finished planting the flowers in our garden, and all the sun we've had lately has brought them out in bloom. We've been enjoying sitting out there under the trees on our Adirondak chairs, the only downer is the mosquitos. Ugh - I'm scratching as I type!
I finished up my job on Friday, not sure if I mentioned this, but I'm moving off to another department at the University - bit of a promotion - yay! I have been working a couple of days a week at my new job, and a couple of days a week at my old job for the last little bit. It's been really exhausting, but today, I started my new job full time. I really like it in the new department, but will miss all my old workmates. They gave me this beautiful necklace as a parting gift. I absolutely love it! It's an old bit of Chinese porcelain made into a pendant, with some beautiful beads. I think it's made by a local artist, I am going to go back to the shop where they got it and try to find out more. I love this so much that I would like to get more of her work.
A lovely thing that I did this weekend was go to a baby shower for a friend. I didn't end up giving her the booties I was working on - they are a bit tragic, but did give her a handmade book and card, along with a teeny tiny denim jacket and some onesies. The shower was really nice, such wonderful people and feelings of warmth and well wishes for my friend.


ellia said...

so did you make the card?! from what i can see its very cute!! AND CONGRATS ON THE PROMOTION! how wonderful to hear! and such sweetness that your old workmates gave you such a beautiful gift...

and your garden looks BEAUTIFUL!!! even though mosquitos are pesky, at least you arent AFRAID of bugs:D

take care!

Marieke said...

Congratulations, Trudi. And what a nice gift - very you!

Veronica TM said...

Congratulations on your promotion! Is the new job close to the other one so you can go visit? That necklace is beautiful!
Nice flower and wonderful baby gifts!