Painting and Peonies

It was Canada Day yesterday, and to celebrate...we painted our new porch railing. Martin made this railing with his own two hands, and I'm very proud of him. I helped in the design by insisting that the spindles be about two inches apart. I came to regret this imput into the design process while we were painting - it was a real pain doing all those spindles! And, this is only the undercoat, we still have to put a top coat on! But, I think that it will be worth it in the end, and this style of spindle is in keeping with our 1920's house.
So, I am now covered in paint. It's oil paint, and it's impossible to get off. But, at least I discovered something that's a little bit whiter than my pasty legs. Just slightly whiter, mind you.
Although I'm not a big fan of painting, at least we were out of doors on a beautiful, sunny day. The peony plant we have in our front garden is in bloom, and it was lovely watching it open from between the hellish porch spindles as the day went on.
Today was windy and rainy, so I decided to work on making some more books. I also attempted one of the tissue paper flowers from last month's issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. I'll admit, it's a little bit wonky, but hopefully not too bad for a first effort. I love making fake flower arrangements, so I'm looking forward to getting some time to create a whole bunch more of these. Practice makes perfect.


Veronica TM said...

The railing looks really good.
And those flowers look amazing! I can't wait to see a bunch of the tissue paper ones {or the peonies for that matter}

Marieke said...

It's lovely. Great picture too, with the colors!

mishka said...

I am so impressed that Martin built the railing himself. It looks great!

I never thought about making flowers to display - I get sad about the idea of cutting down a flower only to let it die in a vase of water, but I love how flowers brighten things up. Hmm... perhaps tissue paper flowers would have the same lightening effect!