Holidays Confirmed!

We have finally confirmed our holiday for this year. We are heading off to Cape Breton Island for a few days, with some friends who will be visiting from Australia. After emailing what seemed like a zillion places and getting lots of rejection notices, we finally confirmed a place today. Now, I can finally relax and look forward to a wonderful holiday with some good friends.

Oh, and by the way, this photo is not me. Cycling is way too enegetic for my type of holiday - did you see all those hills in the photo? You will find me in a hammock with a glass of wine, a good book, and quite possibly, a bowl of ice cream. Mmmm...ice cream.


Veronica TM said...

Oh, how nice! The hammock, the ice cream, etc. sound perfect to me.

Marieke said...

That is such a good feeling - that everything is planned, and yet to come!