Day of Rest?

Today officially marks the end of my bookmaking holiday. It's been great, but now it's time to get back to work and my first task is tackling this messy studio. Over Christmas, I was just chucking everything book/craft related in here on the floor and it's created quite a mess. I think that I've actually now outgrown this studio. The big new cutter I got a few months ago is stored in the guest bedroom next door, and everytime I need to do some cutting I have to run over there. So, I've decided to move the whole studio over to the guest room. I've come up with some ideas for simple and economical paper storage and worktables and enlisted Martin to build them.

I'm looking forward to a new beginning in the new room. It signifies the fact that my business is growing, and that's a good thing. But for now, I've got a day of cleaning, tidying and taking stock ahead of me.


Shona said...

Sounds like fun, I love cleaning, tidying + organizing. Congratulations on outgrowing your space! And how wonderful that you have an option for a bigger space without going outside your home.
Have a great day + I'd love to see photos of the new space, I'm always interested in what other people's studios look like.

cruststation said...

Congrats on your growing business. How nice to have someone build storage for you, can't wait to see the new craft space! Have fun organising and be refreshed for the new year.

Veronica said...

What a cute little room! I love the window. Good luck with the cleaning and organizing {we are doing the same here}.