I'm not worthy.

I'm not worthy is a phrase a friend of mine (hi Matt!) used to use when presented with something especially good, like a scrumptious creme brulee. He would look down balefully at said dessert and mutter "I'm not worthy" and then proceed to devour it. I feel kind of like that about the yarn I was knitting up my shrug with. It's really a really beautiful fine and silky alpaca but, unlike my friend and his creme brulee, I am not ready to devour it. I'm not worthy of this yarn. The shrug is a disaster. I've unravelled it so many times that the yarn is starting to split, and the results are so terrible, that I really wouldn't want to wear the finished product. I went down to Tangled Skeins yarn in Dartmouth this morning to pick out a new pattern to use up the yarn, and the lovely sales person said to me what I had been thinking for some time - maybe you are not ready to knit this yarn. She said that she had often saved up balls of yarn to knit in the future, when her skills matched her aspirations. So, I decided to do the same. She very kindly showed me through some pattern books, and I chose a very simple scarf and, after much deliberation, decided to knit it up in "Soho" yarn by Debbie Bliss. A lovely yarn too, but a much chunkier one that will be more forgiving of all my beginner mistakes.

I really can't say enough great things about Tangled Skeins - they were really kind and patient with me and they have a little dog in there - how I love a shop with a dog! Anyhow, I digress. I plan to spend this weekend with my Mom and Nan in Truro, blissfully (pun intended) knitting this beautiful yarn into a scarf that will see me through this frigid winter. Hope you have a nice weekend planned too!


Austen G. said...

Tangled Skeins is a great store, isn't it? such nice stuff, and such nice people...

good luck with your new project. that wool is beautiful. I'm sure you'll be worthy of the other wool in no time! hope you have a great knitty weekend!

Shona said...

I love shops with cats in them.

I have to put my knitting on the back burner since printing + book making is a higher priority, but your yarn looks yummy.

As for my weekend plans...printing + book making, next weekend...same + so on + so forth.