More links from the "Guest Blogger"

I have to hand it to Martin, he's been coming up with the links left, right and centre. First off, the beautiful Gharani Strok Filofax. Designed by Gharani Strok for the organized fashionista (which I am not - either organized or a fashionista - but I can dream) it comes with maps of Paris, London and New York, along with lists of great hangouts in those cities. What I love most though is the beautiful retro print. At 125 pounds, it's not cheap - but it's a lifetime investment, right? And do I need to mention to my guest blogger that my birthday is just around the corner?
The second link today is the flickr group Computers Behind Blogs, which offers a glimpse into the world of the blogger. From the photos posted right now, I would say that we could deduce that the blogger's world is well, a bit messy. I think that the blogs featured now are from the advertising/marketing bloggers. Perhaps a few crafters need to join the group and give the place an artistic touch.
Many thanks to my esteemed "guest blogger" and happy friday to you all!

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Shona said...

Yes, a Filofax is a lifelong investment. I still have the same one from 1992 + it was a cast off from my boss, who knows how long he had it. What I did not say in that previous sentence is that I don't use it on a daily basis anymore- I keep it because it is also my address book.
(It’s a plain tan leather one, nothing fancy)