Great Bookbinding & Letterpress Blogs

I kind of always lament the fact that there don't seem to be many bookbinding blogs out there - it's always great to read and see what other people who do your craft are up to - but tonight, I stumbled on some great ones:

Kirin Notebook - bookbinding, pattern design and jewellery making - amazing work by Lara from Melbourne.
Freshly Blended - a talented bookbinder shares her work and inspiration. The list of links in her sidebar is amazing - look forward to exploring them all!
Rag & Bone - blog of a bindery in Rhode Island that explores printing and book arts. Lovely jubbley!
lala dex press - last but definitely not least, Shona does great bookbinding work using vintage fabrics in gorgeous colours. She also produces a range of "hand made letterpress delights" - wonderful and whimsical cards and stationery. I especially like the Sparkle Monkey. (: I also love reading her blog because we share many other interests including a love of Cary Grant, flea markets and food!

And, since printing and bookbinding go together like peanut butter and honey - here are some letterpress links:

Adventures in Letterpress - great blog for someone like me who is interested in letterpress, but doesn't know where to start. Erin is a beginner too, and it's great to see someone jumping straight in and learning from scratch.

i love letterpress - a list of letterpress studios and resources, along with posts on happenings in the printing world.

I'm sure that by checking out the links on some of these great blogs, I'll find many more talented bookbinders and spend another night in front of the computer that should have been productively spent in the studio, making books like the one above. But, it's all good - there's always tomorrow!


cruststation said...

Great links, thank you I love all things letterpress :)

Shona said...

You are too too kind! Thank you for being such a great blog friend (I don't know what to call all the wonderful people I have "met" through my blog).
I also love your links, thank you for showing me all these wonderful things + feeding my sidebar with more things to read.
I wish I could transport everyone to my studio for a week of creative letterpress fun!

nicole lecht said...

hey thanks for the mention! i'm glad i found your blog and that your inspired by mine! oh and just one lil thingy...i'm not an aussie!! he he, just a new yorker (upstate that is)

Veronica said...

Those links sound so good! It sounds like I will be in front of the computer for longer than I should!

Shona said...

My existence as a blogger has been validated as I have approved as a "Delightful Blog." I'm telling you this because I saw the link on yours + thought, what the heck, I'll submit mine.
Have a great weekend.

Marieke said...

Thanks Trudi for the links -- I am very interested in both topics x